Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth herein are the sole contract between Tropics Travel LLC, located at 145 Sunningdale Ct, Paducah, KY 42001, and the passenger(s). Payments for vacation packages, hotels, cruises, airfare or tour programs are accepted by Tropics Travel LLC with the understanding that the passenger agrees to all conditions of this contract prior to submitting payment to Tropics Travel LLC.

  • Travel outside the United States by air requires US Citizens to carry a passport. Some countries require passports to be valid for up to six months past the date of your return to the US. It is the sole responsibility of each passenger to research and obtain any needed documentation such as passports, visas, innoculations, etc and any passengers denied boarding due to improper documentation will not receive a refund.
  • Your reservation will be booked with a suppler with whom Tropics Travel LLC contracts. Cancellation and change policies are mandated by the respective tour operator, cruise line, or other third party supplier. Without insurance, your reservation is subject to change or cancellation penalties up to the full package price. By virtue of making deposit or full payment on your reservation, you are agreeing to the terms of said supplier as provided you by your agent.
  • At Tropics Travel LLC, we know that it is sometimes necessary to cancel your vacation for various reasons and most suppliers offer low-cost insurance programs that give you protection from cancellation penalties. To receive a copy of information regarding the plan available for your vacation package, please contact your travel agent.
  • Tropics Travel LLC is not responsible for airline schedule changes or flight delays that occur after you have booked your package or while you are traveling. We realize that you sometimes book your package based on certain flight schedules, but these schedules are always subject to change or be cancelled by the airlines at any time. If you receive a longer layover, overnight layover, mis-connect causing an airline change or any other change by the airline that affects your package, Tropics Travel LLC assume no responsibility. If you wish to cancel your package due to a major schedule change, the tour operator usually gives you that option with no penalty. If you encounter a flight cancellation or delay while traveling and would like to request some sort of compensation from the airlines, please send a letter to your agent who can forward it on your behalf to the tour operator or airline.
  • Tropics Travel LLC is also not responsible for any room request that is not honored at a hotel booked through our agency. Any requests for bedding, adjoining rooms, floor location or smoking is just a request and can not be guaranteed by Tropics Travel LLC. We will make every effort to contact the hotel and make these requests on your behalf and we recommend that you also make them upon check in and ask for a manager if they are not acknowledged.
  • Many travel packages do not include airline baggage charges or certain seat assignments. You can find the latest baggage fee schedules on your airline's website and many give discounted baggage fees when paying online in advance. Many airlines restrict seat assignments to airport check in only or charge for seats on their websites. If you have any questions, please contact your agent.
  • Many hotels charge daily resort charges or service fees that they require directly upon check out at your hotel and can not be included in your package price. We make every effort to notify you of these charges when selecting a hotel, but sometimes we are not advised of these fees ahead of time. Tropics Travel LLC will not be held responsible if unexpected fees are charged by the hotels, so be sure to inquire upon check in or before your arrival if these fees exist.